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September 29, 2023
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Kings and Queens
Produced by: Moira Rankin
Gemma Hooley
If you're interested in international politics, you probably keep up with the pace of economic and political reform in South Africa. But how do you find out what life is really like there for people who have spent their lives outside the mainstream? Join us as we find the tribal kings returning from exile to reclaim their lands, and discover Cape Town is the gay capital of the country. Follow producer Moira Rankin on her exploration of "King and Queens."


South Africa Independent Media Center
A source of up-to-the-minute coverage of South Africa.

Welcome to South Africa
Find information and events in South Africa, now celebrating 10 years of democracy.

Beyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa
by: Allister Sparks
A South African journalist provides a wide-ranging and unflinching account of the first nine years of democratic government in South Africa. Covering both the new regime's proud achievements and its disappointing failures, Allister Sparks looks to South Africa's future, asking whether it can overcome its past history and current global trends to create a truly nonracial, multicultural, and multiparty democracy.

History of South Africa
by: Leonard Monteath L. Thompson
A penetrating exploration of South Africa's eventful history - from the earliest known human settlement of the region to the present day with a focus on the experiences of the black inhabitants.

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