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September 29, 2022
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Baywatch Unplugged
Produced by: Nick Franklin
The show Baywatch has commanded audiences for years, its concept was simple and entertaining. Its successor has followed suit consisting of Californian actors as lifeguards saving lives on an Australian beach. But since the shows creation, there has been as much, if not more drama behind the camera as there is in front of it. Unfortunately the makers of Baywatch never asked the residents of Sydney's Avalon beach to share their beloved property and learned one of life's most valuable lessons: never mess with a surfer's turf. Producer Nick Franklin of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation shows, BAYWATCH UNPLUGGED reveals how a divided community overthrew Hollywood and survived each other.

Program Credits

Baywatch Unplugged was produced by Nick Franklin. The sound engineer was John Jacobs. This program aired as part of the international documentary exchange series Crossing Boundaries.


Entertainment Australian PM steps into Baywatch row
an article from BBC news.

CBC Infoculture: If Baywatch leaves, Avalon Beach citizens are to blame, says Australian
another article regarding to Baywatch at Avalon Beach.

Baywatch under fire for pulling out of Australia
an article from the express.

Baywatch Hawaii

Baywatch: Rescue of a Lifetime: The Making and (Remaking) of the World's Most Popular TV Show
Gregory J. Bonann With Brad A. Lewis

Deborah Schwartz Kim Carlsberg (Photographer)

Programs by Nick Franklin

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