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October 5, 2022
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Dreaming Georgina
Produced by: Steve Wadhams
Chris Brookes
Kim Stockwood is a country singer who left the Newfoundland capital of St. John's a couple of years ago with a suitcase and guitar, seeking fame and fortune. Her destination was Toronto, then Nashville, but in a way, Stockwood was following in the footsteps of her fellow country woman Georgina Stirling, a singer who left Newfoundland over 100 years ago to pursuea career in opera abroad. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producers Stephen Wadhams and Chris Brookes follow Kim Stockwood's progress towards her dream. Along the journey, we also learn about Stirling, whose life is both an inspiration and a warning.

We've received lots of mail from listeners, wondering about the opera singer performing in Dreaming Georgina . Her name is Montserrat Caballe, and she is performing Verdi's "La Traviata" with the RCA Italian Opera Orchestra.

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