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October 5, 2022
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This is the Way the World Ends
Produced by: Larry Masset
Pesticides, toxins, and even naturally occurring hormones are now showing a more lasting impact on mortality and fertility than had been suspected. Producer Larry Massett is worried enough that he interviewed a number of scientists, including Theo Colborn. Colborn at the World Wildlife Fund suspects that chemicals --perhaps in low doses over a long period of time, possibly interacting with other chemicals at crucial moments in the development of human embryos-- may be disrupting our bodies' "messenger" systems--especially the hormone systems that influence reproduction and development. Several recent studies suggest that human sperm count is declining world-wide. Other scientists, like Devra Davis of the World Resources Institute, believe that synthetic chemicals may be damaging our immune systems, and may even play a role in breast cancer. But---other scientists aren't so sure. They think the evidence so far is inconclusive or has been misinterpreted

Program Credits

This is the Way the World Ends was produced by Larry Massett.

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