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October 5, 2022
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Slithery, Slippery, Scaly Things
Produced by: Robert Carty
Unsightly they may be, but some of the slippery things of this world have a message for us. Creatures like toads,iguanas and sea turtles survived what made the dinosaurs extinct, but now many of them face extinction. Canadian Broadcasting Company producer Robert Carty takes us on a tour of the slimy side of Costa Rica where turtles are dying from plastic garbage in the oceans, where frogs have a mysterious warning about global environmental change, and iguanas themselves may provide an edible alternative to the cattle ranching that's razing the rainforests.

Program Credits

Slithery, Slippery, Scaly Things was produced by Robert Carty. Special thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunday Morning and Susanna Sallus.

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