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June 5, 2023
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Modern Unorthodox
Produced by: Jon Kalish
The Midwood section of Brooklyn is home to a booming community of Modern Orthodox Jews, where it is common to see families with eight children. In 1986, our reporter left the cosmopolitan Upper West Side of Manhattan and move to what is essentially a 20th Century shtetl. There he spent four years caring for his frail and elderly father. This is the story of a secular Jew who is both an insider and an outsider in the Orthodox milieu and how he came to appreciate the ancient ways of his religious brethren.


Frontline - Shtetl
Read about a PBS documentary on the history of the Holocaust in Poland from the perspective of one village.

JCN 18
Jewish Communication Network

Modern Unorthodox
My Years in Avenue J Land. by Jon Kalish

Distric of Columbia Jewish Commnunity Center

Programs by Jon Kalish

Radio for between the ears
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