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September 29, 2023
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At the Edge in Soweto
Produced by: Anza Dali
Kate Howells
On the South Western edge of Johannesburg, densely populated Soweto is where Freddy and Sibusiso, both young men in their 20s, live and are looking for work. Unemployment among young people there is over 40%, higher than the national average in South Africa and rising. Hardly surprising then that many of them have become ‘discouraged jobseekers’. They feel that living in Soweto is in itself counted against them. For SAFM radio station in Johannesburg, presenter Anza Dali, who was brought up in Soweto and is looking for a job too, finds out how Freddy and Sibusiso are coping with long-term unemployment and the constant temptation to make a ‘fast buck’ rather than an honest buck.

Program Credits

At the Edge in Soweto was produced by Anza Dali and Kate Howells as part of our special international collaboration Global Perspectives: At The Edge.


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