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December 8, 2023
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Hospice Chronicles: Joe and Roger
Produced by: Dan Collison
In 1967, St. Christopher's Hospice the first modern hospice opened in a suburb of London. Since then, millions of people around the world have chosen hospice at the end of their lives, with many patients choosing to receive care in their homes. In Hospice Chronicles: Joe and Roger, team Long Haul follows Joe, a volunteer trained in "respite care", giving family members a break from caretaking responsibilities. As Joe, a Buddhist, engages Roger, a devout Christian, in discussions of death and (im)mortality, he finds himself exploring death in a way for which training could not have prepared him.

Program Credits

Hospice Chronicles: Joe and Roger was produced by Dan Collison and his staff at Long Haul Productions.


The After Life-Christian Perspective
The christian faith and all its different subsects have their varying approaches to the after-life.

St Christopher's Hospice
This is first modern hospice and is one of the largest providers of palliative care education in the world.

Learn the different aspects of this ancient religion, its beliefs and perspectives on everyday world issues.

90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life
by: Don Piper, Cecil Murphey 2004
Piper, a priest, was pronounced dead after a car collision and claimed he was in heaven for 90 minutes before a miracle of a prayer brought him back to life. An interesting read.

Healing Touch: True Stories of Life, Death, and Hospice
by: Richard Russo, Siri Beckman 2008

Midwife for Souls: Spiritual Care for the Dying: A Pastoral Guide for Hospice Care Workers and All Who Live with the Terminally Ill
by: Kathy Kalina 2007
This book guides loved ones of the terminally ill care tips and it also emphasizes the use of spirituality.

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