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September 29, 2023
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After Katrina: Charmaine Neville's Story
Produced by: Miae Kim
Born into the third generation of the legendary musical family, jazz singer Charmaine Neville has always called New Orleans ‘home’. And when Hurricane Katrina headed for the Gulf Coast, she stayed in New Orleans because she didn't have a car or money. She also didn't think Hurricane Katrina would be serious. In fact, she was trapped in water for five days, with great fear that she was going to die. But she survived. She witnessed dire events – death, rape, robbery. Overshadowing all of that, she witnessed a community working together to survive – neighbors, elderly people, children. This is Charmaine’s account of Hurricane Katrina, interwoven with her own music.

Program Credits

After Katrina:Charmaine Neville's Story was produced by Miae Kim. Charmaine is currently living in La Place, Louisiana, while she works to rebuild her New Orleans home. All of the music you heard was performed by the Charmaine Neville band, and is available on their albums "UP UP


Hurricane Katrina
Visit a blog started on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's landfall by a woman from Baton Rouge. Little did she know this would become one of the country's worst natural disasters. The blog started as a "storm journal" and is now a resource for coping with the storm's aftermath.

The Charmaine Neville Band
Listen to the music of this New Orleans Jazz and Funk Band.

Eyes of the Storm: The Story in Pictures of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
by: The Dallas Morning News, Cokie Roberts 2005
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers of The Dallas Morning News were on the scene of the devasted Gulf Coast and captured the storm and its aftermath.

Who Killed New Orleans: Mother Nature vs. Human Nature
by: Diane Holloway, Bob Cheney, Johannes Spreen 2005
One of the world's most advanced nations could not protect its people from the most expensive disaster, or could it? Take a look into the politics behind the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

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