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June 15, 2024
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The Deaf Shall Hear Even Written Words
Produced by: Jon Kalish
Two women in New York City are best friends. They do everything together, and share their most intimate thoughts. But there is one major difference. One of these women is deaf. Producer Jon Kalish brings us a rare glimpse into deaf culture (rare on the radio, indeed!) as he navigates some of the social, physical and religious issues in the lives of deaf friends and family in New York city.


Visit the producer at
:For great resources, reviews and links

The National Association of the Deaf

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:A popular online newspaper for deaf and hard of hearing people

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:Organized into categories, for example: Art and Culture, Education, Interpreting Services, Media and Communications, National and International Organizations

What's That Pig Outdoors? A Memoir of Deafness

Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community

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A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family

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