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June 15, 2024
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The Evolution Boomerang
Produced by: Soundprint Staff
As humans continue to make their imprint on Earth, they find they are making a noticeable difference in the evolution of different species. The Evolution Boomerang looks at the effect humans are having on insects, fish and certain kinds of bacterium, and how that evolution is in turn affecting humans.

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation.

Program Credits

The Evolution Boomerang was produced by the Soundprint Staff with support from the National Science Foundation.


Genesis of Eden Diversity Encyclopedia
A closer look at wild salmon threatened by fish farm species...

News and Research: Good Bacteria
This website reveals how bacteria is being used to combat PCB contamination...

Evolution Explosion: How Humans Cause Rapid Evolutionary Change
by: Stephen R. Palumbi 2001
This book looks at the impact humans have had on evolution.

by: Charles Darwin, Philip Appleman (Editor) 2000
This book highlights Charles Darwin's contributions to western civilization.

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