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September 24, 2022
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David Duke's New Profile
Produced by: Gary Covino
First of a two-part series on controversial southern politician David Duke. Populism's egalitarian face can turn ugly in times of economic downturns. We want to know who did this to us! Was it the Communists, the capitalists, the Japanese, the Jews, the blacks? has been a battle cry throughout American history. In the old days, in the South, Lyndon Johnson used to lament what he called the politics of nigger, nigger, nigger. In other words, when a candidate got in trouble and didn't know what else to do, he just started yelling the 'N' word. It might not make any sense, but it magically explained everything. It told who the enemy is, and what you ought to do about it. These days the 'N' word isn't used so much. It isn't nice. But we have other words - like welfare, or immigrants. Or that other 'N' word, Nazis. Which kept cropping up ten years ago when David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, ran for governor of Louisiana. Producer Gary Covino covered that campaign - it's a campaign where the candidate lost, but the issues remain very much alive. First of a two-part series on controversial southern politician David Duke. Produced by Gary Covino. Studio engineer was Robert Newhouse. Special thanks to Image Audio Incorporated.

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