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September 24, 2022
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Tokyo's Burning
Produced by: Tony Barrell
The most devastating civic fire in history occurred near the end of World War II in Tokyo. In just a few hours on the night of March 10, 1945, about 100,000 people died and a million homes were destroyed. Like the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States raid on Tokyo was designed to bring the country to its knees, to end the war quickly, without the need for an invasion. Therefore, it is still claimed, it "saved lives." The award winning "Tokyo's Burning" examines an argument that will probably never be resolved. Australian producer Tony Barrell talks to eyewitnesses, victims, participants and observers in Japan and the USA.

Program Credits

Tokyo's Burning was produced by Tony Barrell for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This program aired as part of the international documentary exchange series "Crossing Boundaries."


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