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September 29, 2023
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Sleeping through the Dream
Produced by: Askia Muhammad
In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King led the March on Washington and spoke the famous words "I have a dream." Then 18 year-old Producer Askia Muhammad was, as he recalls, 'sleeping through the dream.' Growing up in Los Angeles, Muhammad was far away from the civil rights uproar and any self-proclaimed political consciousness. Now 40 years later, Muhammad revisits his youth with two close friends. Join us for the journey of a young man's political awakening during a time of intense social unrest.

Program Credits

Sleeping Through the Dream was produced by Askia Muhammed, with production assistance from Anu Yadav and Sound Engineer Matt McCleskey. The show was mixed by Jared Weissbrot. Special thanks to the Pacifica Radio Archives.


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Civil Rights Movement timeline
A timeline of events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement.

The Black American Reference Book
by: Mabel M. Smythe, editor 1976
A thorough reference, covering topics such as black history, politics, education, art, professions, and sports.

Eyewitness: A Living Documentary of the African American Contribution to American History
by: William Loren Katz 1995
A comprehensive oral history of African-Americans from the colonial times to the present.

A History of the Black Press
by: Clint Wilson 1997
A compelling and inspiring study of the black press from its inception in 1827 to 1997.

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