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September 24, 2022
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Battle Mountain
Produced by: Scott Carrier
The terrain is harsh in Nevada's sparsely populated Cold Desert of the Great Basin -- one of the last frontiers in the United States. Now the hard life of the old west and the traditions of native peoples are sharply contrasted with the new technologies of exploitation and extraction, and the people of the Nevada Desert face new hardships. One producer traveled through the area, sleeping under the stars, and found what separates man from nature.


Where Battle Mountain, Nevada got its strange

NATIVE PEOPLES of NORTH AMERICA - Great Basin Culture Area

The Great Basin: America's wasteland seeks a new identity

The Great Basin History

Great Basin Ecosystem

Great Basin News
a quarterly of journalism, literature and art for people who love the Great Basin.

GORP: Great Basin National Park
park with vast sagebrush valleys and jutting peaks highlighted by the South Snake Range, Wheeler Peak and Lehman Caves.

Area Parks Great Basin
vacation guide including maps, park information, activites, lodging, and more.

Great Basin National Park []

Great Basin National Park
headquartered in Baker

A Garden of Bristlecones: Tales of Change in the Great Basin
Michael P. Cohen Robert D. McCracken

Hiking and Climbing in the Great Basin National Park
Michael R. Kelsey

The Sagebrush Ocean: A Natural History of the Great Basin
Stephen A. Trimble Jennifer Owings Dewey (Photographer) Adapted by Barry Lopez

The Desert's past: A Natural Prehistory of the Great Basin
Donald K. Grayson

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