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October 4, 2022
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Johnny Can't Learn Like the Others
Produced by: Adina Back
Sora Newman
Learning disabilities include a broad range of problems that affect visual and auditory perception, and fine motor development. Before the late 1960s, learning disabled kids were often labeled retarded, unruly or lazy. Find out what researchers are learning about the neurology of people with learning disabilities and visit the Washington Lab School - an innovative facility where 90% of the kids go on to college.


Mencap On-Line
A United Kingdom site designed for the learning disabled, it uses large type and symbols. Find news stories written by the disabled, a photo workshop, and links to local British organizations here.

Internet Resources for Special Educators
Broad range of links organized into topical areas with a table of contents. Includes some resources for students.

Special Education Links to the World Wide Web
A nice list of sites that includes a glossary of terms associated with learning disabilities from ERIC (Educational Resources and Information Center), facts for families from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and useful digests on t

Make it happen!
Want to know how to use technology to teach learning disabled students in your middle school classroom? This site shows you how.

Learning Disabilities Online
Washington, D.C.'s WETA brings you its excellent new site on learning disabilities, including many resources for kids, paretns and educators.

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