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September 29, 2022
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Salvation Cocktail: Hope for the Fight Against AIDS
Produced by: Fintan Steele
Jesse Boggs
A note of optimism is sounding throughout the world of AIDS. The aggressive killer HIV has finally let slip several secrets that may spell the end of its relationship with those it infects. Producers Fintan Steele and Jesse Boggs investigate the new findings, treatmetns and optimism.


The Names Project -- Aids Memorial Quilt

The JAMA HIV/AIDS site Drug Glossary

Project Inform
Project Inform is a San Francisco-based community organization 'working to alter the course of the HIV epidemic'. It's website offers fact sheets and reports written for the lay person in English and Spanish. This site has a nice keyword search engine as

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Home Page
Searchable by a document's title words, NIAID makes a reagent catalog, NIAID congressional testimony, press releases and its research agenda available on its home page.

Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS Homepage


A chronology of significant events in the AIDS epidemic can be found at this excellent, simply presented site. Among other useful information, the status of therapies approved and under review at the FDA are given.

CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse
This is a good summary site of AIDS information. Highlights include access to resources, services, funding, daily reports on the epidemic, and a link to the AIDS Quilt project.

AIDS Treatment Data Network (ATDN)
This site is clearly focused and packed with practical information on government sponsored treatment. The type is small. The source of some of the information is not always given which makes assessing its credibility difficult. The primary audience is the

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