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September 24, 2022
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Of Locks and Keys
Produced by: Kaye Mortley
Spend a little time with the most prosaic of objects--a lock, a key--and listen as it is transformed into the stuff of dreams and poetry, history and lengend. You'll enter into dreamy soundscape of voices, songs, footsteps and turning keys. The craft of the castle locksmith, the mystery of treasure boxes, the forbidden allure of locked doors, the rhymes of children, all mingle in this mesmerizing, multi-layered reverie. Open, close, enter--leave--you'll never view locks and keys as just another household object again.


The History of Locks
in-depth information on the history of locks.

Schlage's history of locks and keys
a slide show-like presentation of the history behind locks and keys.

Lock and Key: The Secrets of Locking Things up, in, and Out
This volume discusses "how locks work, their history, how they can be picked, . . . the etymologies of the words lock and key, the operation of modern electronic security systems, and what systems of the future will be like

Expedient Key Casting Manual
takes you through the process of preparing the casting mold, making the key impression and casting the key model

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