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September 24, 2022
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Life On the Edge of the Ozone Hole
Produced by: Alan Weisman
Cecilia Vaisman
In 1985 scientists announced that up to 40% of Antarctica's ozone layer disappeared each spring. No one was sure why the effects first appeared over unpopulated Antarctica. But most were relieved -- at least the ultraviolet radiation that was seeping in was only affecting plankton, not people. Now scientists are growing alarmed because the ozone hole is growing larger and deeper every year. People at the tip of South America are being affected by these developments -- their vegetables and flowers are stunted, herds of sheep suffer outbreaks of blindness, and dermatologists are seeing the most severe sunburns ever. Reporters Alan Weisman and Cecilia Vaisman travel to Tierra del Fuego and Punta Arenas, Chile, to discover the anxiety of life on the edge of the ozone hole.

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