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October 5, 2022
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Han and Jeong
Produced by:
Los Angeles is America's very own mini-melting pot, a veritable feast of cultures. While some communities are governed by fame and fortune and therefore get a lot of press, the Korean American community is governed by two very spiritual principles. Producer Celeste Wesson takes us on an insider's journey through the private corridors and classrooms of this little known American subculture.


Korean American Intercollegiate Network
: Northeast Region - student-run organization designed to promote the interests of Korean-American students across the country.

Korean American Network (y-KAN)
- A professional organization for Korean Americans.

Internet Korea

Korean American Museum (KAM)

Stanford Hwimori
- a Korean American cultural activist group that performs Korean folk rhythms and shamanistic ritual music

Hell Kitty
- Korean-American band.

Eastern Dove
- quarterly journal of the Korean American Women's Association. Includes news, feature articles, and poetry.

Kimchinet - Korean Internet Members of Cyber-House Inc.
- information network for Korean-Americans. An interactive webzine seeking to foster presence in all areas of life including cultural, political, professional, and social.

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