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September 29, 2023
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Halloween: The Time Between
Produced by: Ginna Allison
Adi Gevins
Put on your scariest costume and go trick-or-treating again in this portrait of the personal--and cultural--meanings of Halloween. Derived from ancient beliefs about the the dangers of times of transition--the end of October marks the time between the summer and winter seasons,between earth's time of life and death--and this is the theme of the holiday. Incorporating Celtic rituals with Catholic ones, involving the dead coming back to possess the spirit of the living, and the living trying to hide or scare the spirits away, the modern American holiday has developed its own set of strange rituals. Hear a myriad of voices tell about their memories of Halloween--the tricks, but especially the treats.

Program Credits

Halloween:The Time Between is a SOUNDPRINT Classic produced by Ginna Allison and Adi Gevins.


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This is a collection of links of over 90 Halloween related pages. If you go to every one of these sites you should be about Halloweened out...

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Halloween 1
The online archives are an excellent resource for ideas, how- to- info, suppliers. There are sounds, images, fonts, info and a whole lot more,

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Halloween: An American Holiday, An American History.
by: Lesley Pratt Bannatyne. 1998
The fastest-growing holiday in America may now claim its very own definitive history. Discover the fascinating and diverse origins of the traditions, celebrations, and superstitions surrounding All Hallow's Eve.

Halloween: Spells, Recipes and Customs
by: Silver RavenWolf 1999
This book teaches the history of Halloween, along with traditional customs.

Halloween: Romantic Arts and Customs of Yesteryear
by: Diane Arkins 2000
This book offers vintage postcards, ephemera, old-fashioned poems, rhymes, chants, trials, and tests from an era when Halloween was considered a romantic holiday.

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