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December 8, 2023
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Follow That Log
Produced by: Dave Messeschmidt
The global economy: your view of it depends on where you are. For more than a century, trees in the Pacific Northwest have meant jobs.In rural Japan, trees have meant jobs as well. New log processing technology and the trade in raw logs is reshaping the way the timber industry in both countries does business. It's forcing a change in corporate culture, in consumer habits, and a way of life for many of those who work in timber. Producer Dave Messerschmidt looks at how a global economy affects the industry in both U.S. and Japan.

Program Credits

Follow That Log was produced by Dave Messerschmidt The engineer was Jim Bachman.


Are Japan's Traditional Wooden Homes Trashing the World's Forests?
In Japan, houses last between 22 and 25 years. After that, they are torn down and re-built. Friends of the Earth-Japan says this "scrap and build housing policy" has led to the clearcutting of forests worldwide.

Japanese Cedar Trees and Timber Trade (JPNCEDAR)

Timber Trade Federation
The voice of the timber trade industry

Global Forest and Trade Network
Leaders for responsible forestry

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