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September 29, 2023
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Dreaming of Fat Men
Produced by: Lorelei Harris
Join us invisibly at the private dinner conversation of four lovely large ladies, as they discuss how their size has made their lives both triumphant and sorrowful.


The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
many resources, including newsgroups and listservs.

A forum provided by lycos to address the issue of obesity from several angles including: How to eat healthy, How to deal with the bias in society. This site also provides a discussion group so that visitor can interact with other surfers.
Message boards on related health issues.

Life in the Fat Lane
A television series surrounding the topic of what it is to be fat.

Fat daughters, prejudiced parents
An article of being a fat girl.

Wisconsin Fat Acceptance Network

The Calorie Control Council
Information on cutting calories, fat and achieving a healthy weight.

Forbidden Body: Why Being Fat Is Not a Sin
Shelley Bovey

Eat Fat, Be Healthy: Understanding the HeartStopper Gene And When A Low-Fat Diet Can Kill You
Matthew J. Bayan Foreword by Frank Carrea

Secret for Winning the Weight Control Game
Van Koevering John A.

Programs by Lorelei Harris

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