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October 5, 2022
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Call of the Wild
Produced by: Larry Masset
A visit to Yellowstone at the height of the tourist season raises questions, not only about the way we manage our national parks, but about the nature of wilderness itself. Is the wilderness anypiece of land that doesn't feature a Burger King? Or is it, as some people argue, an illusion, a romantic myth of innocence and self-sufficiency that no longer exists anywhere in America? Larry Massett is the producer.

Program Credits

Call of the Wild was produced by Larry Massett with help from Barrett Golding. A lot of the music was written by Bob Boilen. Special thanks to Yellowstone Llamas.


National Park Service - Yellowstone Park

Nature of the Northwest

The Wilderness Society

Wilderness Pack Trips, Inc.

WILD Foundation

Programs by Larry Masset

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