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October 5, 2022
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Blackpool or Bust
Produced by: Chris Paling
In England, on the weekends, hundreds of kids from age 9 - 19 are busy teasing their hair and tanning their legs before hitting the floor to compete in the country's latest craze -- ballroom dancing! BBC producer Chris Paling tracks the tribulations and triumphs of one young couple as they participate in the mother of all dance competitions -- Blackpool!


What's New in Ballroom Dancing?

Get up and DANCE
: With one of a myriad of organisations worldwide!


So you still need shoes, suits, dresses, tanning lotion, a back brace, perhaps a wig?...

All about dance in the UK

Another Calendar of Events
:so you won't miss a step, virtual or real

If you can handle JAVA
:Check out the Dance Applet and learn some virtual steps!

See what members of LUBDS
: (the Lancaster University Ballroom Dancing Society) are up to!

A Calendar
: Of when to be where!

The United Kingdom Alliance

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