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March 24, 2023
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American Yokozuna
Produced by: Mary Beth Kirchner
American expatriots pursuing the most ancient of Japanese arts and sport reflect on the challenges of breaking into the closed worlds of Kabuki and Noh theatre, traditional music -- and sumo wrestling. Featured in the program, produced by Mary Beth Kirchner, is the Hawaiian-born Akebono, the only American ever to achieve the status of Sumo Grand Champion.


Akebono Interview

Nihon Sumo Kyokai: Japan Sumo Association

e-Hawaii Stars - Akebono
- brief biography, photos, and links.

Visit Japan.

Sumo FAQ
Gives overview of sumo wrestling,history,and references.

Sumo Postures and Tricks
illustrated postures of sumo wrestling.

Kabuki: a timeless tradition
Information on the kabuki play.

Noh - The World's Oldest Living Theatre
Information on the Noh Theatre.

Yokozuna Akebono

The Big Book of Sumo: History, Practice, Ritual, Fight
Mina Hall

Sumo Wrestling
Describes the ancient Japanese art and sport of sumo including the rules, preparation, techniques, and importance to the wrestler. Includes a glossary of terms

The Book of Sumo
Sport, Spectacle and Ritual KENRICK, DOUG

Programs by Mary Beth Kirchner

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