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October 5, 2022
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5'4" Portrait of a Supermodel
Produced by: Jessica Nicholas
The dream of being a supermodel: high fashion, glossy photo shoots, sauntering down the catwalk -- admit it, you always wanted to do it. It certainly never looked hard. Saunter down the runway with Australian Broadcasting Corporation Producer Jessica Nicholas as she attempts to metamorphasize from flabby and unfit, to lean and mean. Well, almost.


Modeling Advice

All Around Model Site

Tips on Modeling Agencies
Some information about different kinds of modeling agencies, and how to go about getting started in a modeling career.

FTC: Avoiding Modeling Scams
An online brochure by the Federal Trade Commission telling consumers how to avoid modeling scams. A must-read for those interested in starting a modeling career.

FTC: Bogus
A Federal Trade Commission press release on bogus talent and modeling scouts, and some of the methods they used to decieve consumers.

FTC: Lights! Camera! Action! Scam?
A Federal Trade Commission release about the methods that dishonest talent and modeling agencies have used to mislead unsupecting would-be models, and the action that the FTC has taken in response.

Modeling Agency Scams
A site that gives clear, "black-and-white" information about how to avoid modeling scams.

Modeling Ripoffs
A page on Modeling Scams hosted by the International Freelance Models Organization, specifically focused on fake agencies' advertising.

The Insider's Guide to Supermodels and Modeling
A great site with all kinds of links on modeling, including information on today's top supermodels, a list of modeling agencies, and tips on how to get into the modeling business.

The Glam Scam
A book that uncovers some of the behind-the-scenes scams and traps to be found in the modeling and acting worlds, and how to avoid them.

The Modeling Handbook
A guide to the modeling profession for both male and female models.

The Modeling Life
A book by an industry insider about the modeling business. Gives advice to modeling hopefuls, as well as describing what life as a model is really like.

Programs by Jessica Nicholas

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