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December 8, 2023
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After Sorrow
Produced by: Lady Borton
"After war, the people you meet differ so from former times," wrote the Vietnamese poet Nguyen Trai in the early 15th century. Americans are still searching for answers to the Vietnam conflict, and the conflict that lives on in the collective mind and soul of this country. American writer Lady Borton is one of the few who has explored the North Vietnamese point of view in trying to reach an understanding of what happened and why. Borton was the first American journalist given permission by Vietnamese officials to speak with ordinary villagers and to live with a village family. During her time there, she met Vietnamese peasant women who played crucial and heretofore unrecognized roles in the Vietnamese victory; women who, like American veterans, "did what they had to do."

Program Credits

After Sorrow was produced by Lady Borton.


Home of the survivors of Vietnam's post war holocaust.

History Place: Vietnam War

Vietnam War
An outline of the many facts and factors that were a part of the Vietnam war

Vietnam's Lost Souls
Excerpted from NEWS WATCH, this article speaks of the lost missing in action Vietnamese soldiers.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
Includes chronology,characteristics,and war literature pertaining to the vietnam war.

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam
This novel is based on the experiences of a North Vietnamese soldier who fought in the South for over ten years. Bao Ninh

Even the Women Must Fight:
The active participation of Vietnamese women in the Vietnam War. Karen Gottschang Turner,Phan T. Hao

Twice around the World
Some Memoirs of Diplomatic Life in North Vietnam and Outer Mongolia

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