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October 5, 2022
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Defending The Future
Produced by: Steve Roberts
Sesh Kannan
Carol Beach
What does the Bush administration's first-strike initiative mean, not only for the U.S., but also for its allies and its enemies? How has September 11 affected not only the business of war, but also the human beings who fight? Listen as the wives of fighter pilots talk about the long, painful months of separation, and young recruits confront the likelihood that they will see combat. Drill Instructors talk about how they view their jobs post 9-11, and veterans of the air campaign in Afghanistan share the frustrations of pursuing an enemy with no face and a war with no end.

Program Credits

Defending the Future was reported by Steve Roberts. The program was produced by Sesh Kannan and Carol Beach. The Sound Engineer was Alexandra Gardner. Assistant Producers were Stephanie Kaye and Anu Yadav. Mark McDonald and Moira Rankin were the Executive producers. Defending the Future has been a co-production of WAMU and Soundprint. Visit for extended interviews and exclusive production notes.

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