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November 28, 2022
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One More Chance for P.S. 123
Produced by: Steve Mencher
A principal, parents and students who believe in themselves and their New York City middle school are determined to raise it from a grade 'F' and threatened closure to its new motto, 'Superior in Every Way.' Producer Steven Mencher returns to his childhood school to look at the effect of 20 years of social changes in the neighborhood on the spirit and student body there.

Program Credits

One More Chance for PS 123 is a SOUNDPRINT classic produced by Steve Mencher. PS 123 is still around; itís now a 6th-7th&8th grade junior high school.


New York City Teaching Fellowship
The New York City Teaching Fellowship brings together people from all walks of life with little or no teaching experience. The fellows are trained to teach and work in the New York City schools which need the fellows most.

New York City Department of Education
The Department of Education provides information concerning curricula, testing results, school calendars and a variety of special services.

Teach with Your Heart: Lessons I Learned from the Freedom Writers
by: Erin Gruwell 2007
When a new teacher stepped into a failing school in California, no one believed she would last very long. Yet Erin Gruwell rose to the occasion with innovative teaching strategies and a devotion to her students.

Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope
by: Jonathan Kozol 2000
The author describes life in the South Bronx through the stories of the children that live there. He becomes introspective through his interactions with the children.

The Bronx
by: Evelyn Gonzalez 2006
A history of the once called "wonder borough," this book carries the reader from the start of the borough through its high and low points.

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