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December 8, 2023
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Life before the Computer
Produced by: Ilene Segalove
Remember the first television set your family got? Or the first transistor radio that was really all your own? Our relationship with technology is oddly intimate, worming its way into even our most evocative memories. Producer Ilene Segalove talks to people with humorous memories of the "latest technologies" of their childhoods, now faded into obscurity in the computer age.

Program Credits

Life before the Computer was produced by Ilene Segalove (SEH-Guh-lovf). Original music by Bob McCoursky


The Transistor Radio Directory
The transistor radio celebrates its 50th anniversary this year...learn more about this important invention. Technology News
Find out the latest information on personal technology, business tech, and the Internet.

Early Television Foundation
A comprehensive history of the television.

Being Digital
by: Nicholas Negroponte 1995
This book examines the implications of the digital revolution that is transforming the way we live. Being Digital is a road map for surviving and prospering in the digital age.

Dream Machine: Exploring the Computer Age
by: Jon Palfreman, Doron Swade 1993
The Dream Machine is the story of the development of the computer and the remarkable people behind it.

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