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October 4, 2022
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August Wilson's Sacred Book
Produced by: Stephan Smith
The shattering of a culture, a sense of separation, a loss of identity -- all too-constant patterns in black American history -- emerge in questions of self worth, images of severed ties, things broken, a fractured reality, in the works of playwright August Wilson. In language is identity, and in speech the tool to tell one's history, to name and define the world in order to make it one's own; his characters' struggle against the alienation of immersion into the language of a world which denies them their own is a common element of Wilson's plays. August Wilson looks to the rhythms and patterns of the music and sound of the blues to provide a link for disparate words and world views. In this portrait of the playwright, August Wilson shows how the rhythms and patterns from the 'sacred book of blues' are transformed into words and movement in his plays. Produced by Stephen Smith of Minnesota Public Radio.

Program Credits

August Wilson's Sacred Book is a Soundprint Classic. It was produced by Stephen Smith, Beth Friend, Dan Olsen of Minnesota Public Radio, with support from the Northwest Area Foundation. The sound engineer was Tom Munch.


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