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October 4, 2022
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Hoang's Story
Produced by: Pam Yates
Maria Nicolo
Francesca Raimond
Hoang Taing's life in America has been one brilliant success. College graduate, honors student, White House intern: all these things are a part of the life she has made in this country. It is a life that has been dedicated to keeping a promise to her parents who died in Vietnam. Still her life has been haunted by the memories of her life in Cambodia, during Pol Pot's regime, and the time in Vietnam before she and other family members escaped to freedom. She has been filled with a desire, despite her fear, to return there. Producers Francesca Raimond, Maria Nicolo and Pam Yates, take a journey with Hoang to Cambodia where she is reunited with family members and moves finally toward finding peace.

Program Credits

Hoang's Story was produced by Francesca Raimond, Maria Nicolo & Pam Yates


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