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September 30, 2022
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Sand Hogs
Produced by: Dan Collison
Take a tour of the tunnels of New York with the Sand Hogs. These construction workers, whose tradition goes back 100 years, build all the tunnels there. Their work is grueling and dangerous, but they have formed a brotherhood who rely on one another for survival. "Sand Hogs" is part of producer Dan Collison's "American Workers" series.

Program Credits

Sand Hogs was produced by Dan Collison as part of his American Workers Series. It was funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


History of New York City Rapid Transit
A chronology of the history behind today's underground subway system in New York City.

New York City Subway Resources
News, events, maps, technology and history of the underground transportation system.

Tunneling to the Future: The Story of the Great Subway Expansion That Saved New York
by Peter Derrick
Documents the importance of underground expansion due to the vast population of New York City...

The Building of Manhattan: How Manhattan Was Built Overground and Underground, from the Dutch Settlers to the Skyscrapers
by Donald A. MacKay
A detailed account of the growth of New York...

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