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October 5, 2022
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Sitting on a Goldmine
Produced by: Jack Perkins
Helen and Dave Stewart knew that their deer farm at the settlement of Woodstock, home to a few dozen farmers and a scattering of potters and possum hunters, was on gold-rich land they could still see the old mining tunnels and pick marks left by the original miners more that a century ago. So they sold their deer and bought a battery of earth moving machinery. Ten years later they had removed about eight million dollars of gold from the seam. Helen and Dave tell their story to Producer Jack Perkins of Radio New Zealand.

Program Credits

Sitting on a Goldmine was produced by Jack Perkins of Spectrum International Radio and Radio New Zealand. The music was supplied by Kevin Iken. This program aired as part of the ongoing international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries. Gold Facts were narrated by Melissa Quilty and Mike Simmons.


The Evolution of Gold Mining
Gold mining has changed since the time of the California gold rush. This site describes the evolution of gold mining as it is reflected by the evolution of technology.

Mining History Network
The history of mining goes back more than a century. The following is a history of mining from around the world, including the histories of some mining organizations.

Quest for the Dutchman's Gold: The 100-Year Mystery
by Robert Sikorsky, 1991
The history of gold, as well as facts and ledged of the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Looking for Gold: The Modern Prospector's Handbook
by Angier Bradford, 1980
Facts about looking for gold today. Describes equipment and where to start your journey.

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