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December 8, 2023
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War Comes to Twin Peaks
Produced by: Frank Browning
Gary Covino
War Comes to Twin Peaks explores the rumblings of protest at home during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. From a priest who takes up the anti-war protests, disillusioned war veterans, and a mother who fears for her son as he departs for service, War Comes to Twin Peaks shows us the varied human faces affected by administration policy. Their stories strike a familiar chord as the United States again confronts the possibility of war with Iraq more than a decade later.

Program Credits

War Comes to Twin Peaks was produced by Frank Browning and Gary Covino. The studio engineer was Robert Newhouse.


No Blood For Oil
The Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee chronicles the protests that occurred in Madison, Wisconsin leading up to the war.

Why the Protest Against the Gulf War Fizzled
New York University and writer Mitchell Stephens writes about the protests, or lack thereof, during the Persian Gulf War.

Policy and Opinion in the Gulf War
by: John E. Mueller 1994
The book analyzes the actual shallowness of public support for war, the effect of public opinion on the media, the use and misuse of polls by policy makers and many other factors that affected public opinion about the war.

We Pierce
by: Andrew Huebner 2003
This novel is the story of two brothers: one brother, Smith, goes into battle in Iraq during the Gulf War while the other, Sam is busy protesting against the war. The book chronicles the conflict the two and the impact it has on their family.

Peace Is a Four-Letter Word
by: Janet Nichols Lynch 2005
In this gripping novel, high school student Emily Rankin meets a radical English teacher and begins to protest the war in Iraq, which takes a heavy toll on her friends and family.

Flag Burning: Moral Panic and the Criminalization of Protest
by: Michael Welch 2000
Examines conflicting ideologies surrounding flag burning as a form of street protest during the Persian Gulf War and other wars.

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