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October 5, 2022
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Washington Goes to the Moon: The Early Years
Produced by: Richard Paul
With 30 years' hindsight, Apollo 11's trip to the moon seems inevitable. But it was, in fact, an incredibly bumpy ride. And we're not talking about mechanical failures or the scientific and engineering challenges -- which were enormous. This is the other story of the Apollo program. Producer Richard Paul tells of the seven-year battle to balance politics and priorities inside the Capitol Beltway to land an American on the moon.

Program Credits

Washington Goes to the Moon: The Early Years was produced by Richard Paul. It was funded in part by WAMU-FM and the Washington DC Grant Consortium. This program is part of the series Exploring Space Science. Additional support came from the National Science Foundation, NASA, WABE-FM and the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Research assistance was provided by David Ungst, Mark Meter, Les Waffen and Charles Diarman at the National Archives. Our thanks to Linda Silky and Tina Houston at the Lunden Johnson library. The Congressional testimony was recreated by actors Porter Koontz, Andy Clemens, James White, and Bonnie Gant. Special thanks to Bare Bones Educational Resources, specializing in space related items including astronaut ice cream. For more information call 937-850-0929.

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