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October 4, 2022
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Mississippi Math
Produced by: Debra Morris
Askia Muhammad
In the 1960s, Robert Moses was a well-known civil rights leader who helped organize voter-registration efforts in the south. Since the early 1980s, this "Freedom Summer" activist has been an education revolutionary, helping to bring abstract math into the hearts and minds of disadvantaged school children. Producers Askia Muhammad and Debbie Morris profile Moses as he leads the algebra crusade in Mississippi.


The Algebra Project
The Algebra Project is an interactive curriculum designed to help inner-city and rural students better understand mathematical concepts. Developed by Bob Moses, a mathematician and civil rights leader, the curriculum calls for students to follow a five-s

The Algebra Project: Organizing in the Spirit of Ella
Robert Moses, Mieko Kamii, Susan McAllister Swap, Jeffrey Howard Reprinted from Critical Studies in Organization and Bureaucracy, edited by Frank Fischer and Carmen Sirianni. Revised and expanded edition. Temple University Press, 1994. pp. 497-519.

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